Beds for Back Pain Georgetown TX

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If you’re like many Americans, then odds are you’re suffering from back pain. In fact, roughly 1 in 3 Americans report having chronic back pain. In addition to chiropractic care in Georgetown TX, did you know a new sleeping system might also help remedy your back pain?

Mattress Gallery Direct is a back specialty store. This means that they have curated their showroom to carry mattresses that are specifically designed to help alleviate back pain. Several of their lines carry mattresses that offer target lumbar support:

  • Sealy’s Posturepedic® Support Zone: with this feature, Sealy runs an extra layer of dense foam right down the center third of the mattress. This helps to increase lumbar support for back sleeping and helps with spinal alignment for side sleeping.
  • Legendaire’s Lumbar Support Zone: with this feature, Legendaire runs an insulator lumbar pad right on top of the coils. This give better support for your lower back and hips. And on top of that, they run a five-zone targeted support nano coil system. This adds even more support for your lower back and hips.

So, if you’re looking for back pain relief in Georgetown TX. Or if you’re searching for a Chiropractor in Georgetown TX to help remedy your back pain. Then stop by Mattress Gallery Direct and discover some sleeping solutions to help relieve your pain today.

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