Legendaire Pillows Arrive at Georgetown Mattress Store!

Pillows Georgetown TX

A new lineup of pillows by Legendaire’s Family of Luxury brands have arrived at Mattress Gallery Direct in Georgetown TX. These pillows are perfect for those who suffer from stiff necks at night or enjoy a cool pillow surface.

The Georgetown Texas mattress stores Legendaire pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and comfort preferences. Some pillows are designed specifically for side sleepers, as they have shoulder cutouts to ensure proper spinal alignment and neck support.

Other pillows are designed specifically for hot sleepers. Some pillows offer gel tops–that are designed to absorb facial heat– while other pillows in the lineup feature the Arctic Blast cover, which is extremely cool-to-the-touch and is designed to wick away heat from the user’s face.

Whether you’re looking for a memory foam pillow, latex pillow, or a down pillow, Legendaire has you covered…. And we almost forgot to mention that these pillows are Chiropractor recommended!

Stop by Mattress Gallery Direct in Georgetown TX and discover the Legendarie difference.

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